Safety of customer funds

Profitability & Reliability

Use both in Vizavi

Profitability & reliability

Vizavi pays special attention to the safety of customers funds. We guarantee you maximum protection of monetary assets, complete security of transactions and timely fulfillment of financial obligations.

Segregated accounts in major world banks

In order to protect customers funds from unforeseen risks, Vizavi allows their full or partial storage in a bank account independent of the broker. These accounts are protected by the banking legislation of the country of placement with a guarantee of payment within the limits established by law.

Automated negative balance protection

Vizavi uses modern technologies that allow us to protect the deposit and the financial condition of the client from losses caused by unskilled trade or force majeure. You will never lose more of your deposit and will not have to stay with companies or other financial agents.

Legal protection of deposit and withdrawal operations

Vizavi enters into an agreement with each payment intermediary, under such an agreement the company undertakes to make balance transactions at the client’s request without hindrance, our payment system also will refund upon the first request of the client.

Due Diligence partners and contractors verification

The legal department of Vizavi conducts a preliminary check of each partner and counterparty on the legality of activities, financial solvency and compliance with the quality of the declared services. This eliminates the risk of Vizavi interaction with unscrupulous partners, which may indirectly affect customers.

Protection from suspicious AML and KYC operations

Broker status, as well as legal relations with payment counterparties, require Vizavi to adhere to high standards of Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies. The company's clients are fully protected from losses caused by actions of third parties in relation to their accounts and personal data.

The ability to store a deposit in cryptocurrency

Vizavi uses modern blockchain technology and thus guarantees a high level of safety of its customer's funds.