Copy Professionals Transactions

Earn on transactions made by traders who have proven their skills

Get Profit not understanding in Trading

Get profit in the financial markets, even if you do not understand trading. You do not need to carry out trading operations by yourself and constantly monitor your account — just select one or more traders using the profitability rating and earn with them.

A new approach to investments

Social trading

Social trading in Vizavi is an investment that you do not need to constantly monitor. Get passive income from successful trading by professionals, devoting as much time to it as you want.

  • Automatic copying of transactions
  • Negative balance protection
  • Individual control of loss limit
  • Closing transactions upon reaching the loss limit

Copy transaction of several traders simultaniously

Create your investment portfolio by connecting several traders from the rating to the account at once.

Maximum profit from the income of several traders

Full transparency of forming and maintaining a portfolio process

Minimization of risks through the distribution of funds

Automatic calculation of risks and profitability during portfolio formation

We will protect Your deposit from loss and negative balance

Only verified professionals who have made the cut after three months of trading and at least 50 transactions are involved in the rating

5 best traders

Copying the best traders is simple!

Replenish a payment account in your Personal Account
Create an investment account and transfer funds to it
Connect a trader to your investment account
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