About Company

Vizavi is a new generation company that provides traders with the fastest and most secure access to financial markets.

In 2018, Charles Kane joined the team - a specialist with many years of management experience in a number of European banks and brokerage companies. Thanks to his work, the technological innovation of Vizavi has become possible.

Charles Kane

Vizavi is not just an investment company that adheres to the traditional canons of business. We are the locomotive that lays the road for the future of the industry for customers and partners

Charles Kane

Сonvenient and reliable Vizavi services

Most of the company's services are based on progressive blockchain technologies, which bring to nought any manipulations with data and ensure maximum protection of their integrity. As a result of many years of work made by dozens of Vizavi specialists, the company's clients have access to exceptional services for convenience and reliability:

Bridge technology for connecting to ECN networks and hedging customer transactions

Clearing technologies with minimum commission costs

Quotation aggregators with the ability to provide the best execution price

Plug-ins for direct interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges

The trust and loyalty of customers support us on the road to changes and innovations

Vizavi constantly develops and expands the range of services provided, and that allows the company's clients to receive a full range of financial services: from daily analytics to investment strategies creation. Paying special attention to innovation, we aspire to offer maximum benefits and conveniences.

Company development plan

  • 2018
    Company entering the retail market
  • 2019
    Providing the widest range of instruments for the retail segment
  • 2020
    Creation of own trading platform VZVtrade
  • 2022
    Updating the system for accepting payments in cryptocurrency, according to changes in legislation in the countries of presence
  • 2023
    Completion of service system automation using self-learning algorithms and speech technologies.
  • 2024

Business model

To be one step ahead of the leaders allows not the hype in the media, but the compliance of the company's technical equipment with the market realities. Most of the «screaming» leaders are endangered classics, but we are stable innovators.

Charles Kane

Every day, Vizavi employees explore the unknown space to discover new potential and offer customers something that other companies do not have. It is difficult to succeed in a business where every broker is like dozens of others. This can be achieved only through innovations and fulfillment of extensive commitments.To do this, we developed a business model that, on the one hand, absorbed all the best practices of its predecessors, on the other hand, took into account the negative experience gained in the field over decades.

Our values

Corporate values ​​are the main orienting points of the company, which allow us to move forward


We offer honest and reliable services


We are responsible for protecting the funds of our customers


We use innovative approach and advanced technology

Today Visavi is the company with dozens of professionals who develop the financial market in several segments and make high-tech products accessible to everyone. The desire to be an innovator and attention to customer needs is a solid foundation for the success of the Vizavi business model.

Company Awards

Vizavi helps traders around the world to fulfill their potential. The development and implementation of new services, as well as careful attention to each client, were marked by various financial awards.

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IAFT Awards 2018
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