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To serve as a beacon in the world of electronic commerce. To show everyone the safe way to make profit in financial markets.


The foundation on which Vizavi business model is built: technology, security and service. We respond to modern market challenges and do what other companies are afraid to offer to their customers.

Orders execution time is from 0.05 seconds

Instant withdrawal

Leverage 1:500

Affiliate program with payment of up to 80%

All the depth of the market in your smartphone

Get the best Bid and Ask prices each time you make a transaction.

Why choose us?


  • The most advanced platform MetaTrader 5
  • 6 markets and over 500 trading instruments
  • Execution of orders in 50 milliseconds
  • Direct withdrawal of transactions under the FIX protocol
  • Support all trading strategies


  • Compliance with international norms and standards AML, KYC, DD
  • Using encryption protocols and preserving data integrity
  • Quick withdrawal
  • Not a single refusal to withdraw funds
  • Separate storage of customer funds


  • 24-hour support
  • Trade 24/7 (trade on weekends and holidays)
  • Many methods of depositing and withdrawing funds including cryptocurrency
  • Affiliate program with guaranteed payout up to 80%
  • Quick verification




Progressive financial asset. It is traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that is why this asset compares favorably with other trading instruments. You can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies without the mediation of banks and other financial organizations.


The most liquid financial instrument. You can earn on the difference in exchange rates in any direction of their movement, since the fall in the value of one currency means the growth of another. Whatever the economic situation in the world, you can always find the right currency pair to make profit.

CFD Stocks

CFDs on stock prices of the largest companies in the world enable any trader to trade shares of Facebook, Google, Apple and other international giants without large start-up capital. Get access to the stock market and the opportunity to join the success of your favorite companies.

CFD Metals

CFDs on gold, silver, platinum and other metals are considered to be one of the most popular assets for risk diversification. Trade in metals without storage costs and their subsequent resale.

CFD Indices

CFDs on the most famous stock indices give the opportunity to trade the indices of the leading stock exchanges, which are formed from the shares of public companies. You can earn on the state of a particular market industry or the economy in general.

CFD Products

CFDs on oil, gas and other commodities is a convenient way to make money buying and selling goods without delivering a real physical asset. You will get direct access to product markets with minimum start-up capital requirements.

Security of your funds

Vizavi company pays special attention to the safety of their customers' funds. We guarantee you maximum protection of monetary assets, complete security of transactions and timely fulfillment of financial obligations.

Segregated accounts in major world banks

Automatic negative balance protection

Legal protection of deposit and withdrawal operations

Due Diligence Partner and Counterparty Review

Protection from suspicious AML and KYC operations

The ability to store a deposit in cryptocurrency

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We will protect your deposit from losses and negative balance. Only proven experts who qualify after three months of trading and making at least 50 transactions participate in the rating.

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